Reporting & Data Mining

Reporting & Data Mining


Create and view reports that place powerful information at your fingertips.

• Gain insight into solving your facility’s remittance and claim challenges
• Report on every financial detail of a claim or EOB
• Present your data in visual, interactive charts and graphs
• Improve efficiency and productivity with administrative reporting
• Create custom ad hoc reports to fit your facility’s needs
• Schedule reports for automatic email delivery

Gain insight into your healthcare facility’s fiscal strength with Rycan’s Reporting & Data Mining Module. Report on every financial detail of a claim or EOB, create visual charts using your facility’s billing and remittance data, and make customizable reports with unlimited ad hoc reporting. Increase efficiency with scheduled reports that are automatically delivered to users, and with administrative reports that show how users are working problematic claims. Bring vital information to the forefront with Rycan’s Reporting & Data Mining Module.

Standard Reports: With over two decades’ experience in working with healthcare facilities, we know just how important having the right information can be. Rycan offers over 200 standard reports (including non-covered and denied charges, denial summaries by reason, remark, and revenue code, and provider statistical and reimbursement reports) to help your facility obtain a comprehensive overview of its revenue stream. These standardized reports can be run on any data found within our system. Code descriptions are clearly displayed on reports for easy reference, bringing together all of the information that you need.

Decision Support System: Produce visual reports that make your data stand out. Rycan’s Decision Support System (or DSS) creates interactive charts and graphs that give you an overview of the big picture and easy access to the underlying data within. Our DSS reports start at a high level overview, and can be drilled down—level by level, with different views—to find an individual claim or EOB. Multiple chart formats are available (i.e., pie, bar, and line) to clearly display the critical information that your healthcare facility needs.

Some of our most popular charts are our trending reports. These DSS charts give you a visual overview of how your healthcare facility has performed over time. Run trending reports on information from our Remittance Management Module and our Denial Management Module to get a month by month comparison.

AD-HOC Reporting: If one of our standard reports does not fill your requirements, you can create your own customized report, tailored to fit your healthcare facility’s needs. Our system allows for unlimited ad hoc reporting, giving you the opportunity to create an infinite number of custom reports. We offer an ad hoc wizard that walks users through the process of creating a report, making it easy to produce made-to-order reports for your facility.

Administrative Reports: Get an inside view into how your staff’s productivity is affecting your facility’s bottom line with our administrative reporting. These reports allow you to see how your staff are working problematic claims. You’ll be able to check on user activity and workflow volume to find out where potential bottlenecks could occur and efficiency can be improved at your healthcare facility.

Favorite Reports: Our wealth of reports can sometimes be overwhelming, so Rycan has made it easy for users to designate commonly run reports as favorite reports. This makes it easy to quickly find popular reports so your staff can run them on demand. When a report is saved as a favorite report, it is automatically grouped into the favorites’ folder at the top of our report list.

Interactive Dashboard: Our welcome page is an interactive dashboard that allows users to customize it to fit their needs. Users can select favorite DSS charts and data tables to be displayed on the welcome page, putting important information in front of your healthcare facility’s staff every time they login to our system. From the welcome page, your staff will be able to open the report and drill in, level by level, to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Scheduled Reports: Let Rycan take care of getting the right reports, to the right people, at the right time. We simplify the process of having your staff run reports by automatically scheduling reports for email delivery. The export format (HTML, Adobe® PDF, or Microsoft® Office Excel File), delivery frequency, and additional parameters, can be set to customize scheduled reports, so everyone gets just the information that they need.

Report on every financial aspect of a claim or EOB and get a clear analysis of your healthcare facility’s reimbursement. Find the exact information that your facility needs by running reports associated with our various revenue cycle modules, and display it with visual graphs and data tables. Always know the status of your healthcare facility’s financial health with Rycan’s Reporting & Data Mining Module.
Identify, track and manage your denied claims in a single system!

Identify, track and manage your denied claims in a single system!

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