Remittance Management

Remittance Management

Remittance Management

Remittance Management

Easily manage all of your remittance information in one system.

• Accept all 835 remittance advice from all healthcare payers
• Render electronic 835 remittance data easy to access, manage, and analyze
• Eliminate the need for paper remittance
• Manage your remittance information in a single, web-based system
• Generate an easy-to-read standardized EOB
• Normalize remittance data for consistent electronic posting

Let Rycan streamline your healthcare facility’s electronic remittance advice into one complete and comprehensive system. Our web-based software accepts and normalizes 835 remittance data into compatible files for consistent electronic posting, regardless of which payer they were sent from. We eliminate the need for paper explanations of benefits (EOBs) by storing and warehousing your remittance information in our system. Render your facility’s electronic remittance advice easy to access, manage, and analyze with Rycan’s Remittance Management Module.

Remittance Scrubbing: It seems like every healthcare payer has their own unique EOB format, which can make finding information on different EOBs, or posting electronic remittance advice to your patient accounting system, difficult, confusing and time consuming. Rycan’s Remittance Management Module scrubs and normalizes all of your incoming remittance data from all payers into clean, compatible files for consistent electronic posting.

Searching For EOBS: Place all of your EOBs at your fingertips with Rycan’s Remittance Management Module. When your remittance information is stored in our system, it is just a click away with a simple search. Empower your staff to search across multiple remits from various payers, and give them the ability to answer patient inquiries right from their computer. Users can search by patient name, patient control number, medical record number, HCPCS code, remittance date, check/EFT number, provider, and more within our system. We offer a customizable search results grid that allows your healthcare facility’s staff to see only the information that is important to them when viewing search results. Increase productivity and eliminate time wasted trying to find paper EOBs with our online search.

Standardized Paper EOB Format: Rycan’s solution saves time and improves efficiency by eliminating the need for your staff to memorize multiple EOB layouts. With our standardized paper EOB format, remittance information is in the same place, every time. Claim level and line level detail are clearly displayed on one screen in our recognizable and easy to read EOB format. Reason, remark, and claim status code descriptions are presented alongside remittance information, right on an EOB, eliminating the need to reference secondary sources for code descriptions.

History: Provide your healthcare facility’s staff with a complete picture of an EOB’s payment history with Rycan’s history screen. View all payment information related to a claim in a single interface. Primary, secondary, and tertiary payments, as well as submitted claims associated with an EOB, are all displayed together in a single view.

Rendering Provider Information: Is your staff tired of memorizing multiple healthcare provider numbers? With Rycan, you have the opportunity to load rendering provider information into our system to make it easily accessible on any electronic EOB. Eliminate the need to reference secondary sources for physician data. Give users the ability to hover their cursor over a rendering provider number on any EOB to display which physician performed the service. Clicking on the number will bring up more detailed information, such as the healthcare facility name and address that the rendering provider is associated with, as well as their specialty. With rendering provider information loaded into Rycan, your staff will have the ability to perform physician level reporting to identify services performed by a single physician, regardless of how many provider numbers a physician may be associated with.

Paper Remittance Advice: Not all payers are able to send electronic 835 remittance advice, so we offer the ability for users to key in paper remittance information into our system, which Rycan then converts into an electronic 835 remittance file. This provides your healthcare facility with valuable information for reporting and data mining, as well as the ability to process paper remits through our Denial Management Module and Contract Management Module to verify proper payment.

Double-keying of information is eliminated for healthcare facilities that load submitted claim data with patient searches that prefill any information found within our system. If no submitted claim data exists in our system, users are able to manually enter patient information. This process is simplified with customizable EOB entry layouts that let users choose which order data is entered in. Customizable templates increase productivity and efficiency by letting users enter data in the order it appears on an EOB. The ability to add claim level, service line level, and DRG information allows users to add more detail to your electronic remittance advice that can be very valuable for reporting and data mining.

837 Submitted Claim Data: Valuable information, like HCPCS codes, rendering provider data, and DRG information, is not always returned by payers on electronic remits. That’s why Rycan gives your healthcare facility the option of loading your submitted claim data into our system for the benefit of reference, reporting, pricing, and data mining. As remittance data is returned from a payer, your incoming EOBs will be linked to their respective claims. It’s easy to view submitted claims within Rycan, because your claim data is overlaid onto UB-04 and CMS 1500 backgrounds that your staff are used to seeing when handling paper claims.

With Rycan’s Remittance Management Module, EOBs are just a click away. Our solution warehouses your healthcare facility’s electronic remittance information, eliminating the need for paper remittance, and normalizing it for compatibility with your existing systems. Keep all of your remittance information together, in one system, by using Rycan to solve all of your remittance challenges.
Identify, track and manage your denied claims in a single system!

Identify, track and manage your denied claims in a single system!

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