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Medicare Direct

Medicare Direct

Medicare Direct

Boost your facility’s Claim Submission workflow

Rycan’s Medicare Direct Module provides additional pre-submission claim validation and post-submission status follow-up information through Medicare’s Direct Data Entry (DDE) System. With Rycan, you can get to the root cause of problematic claims with greater ease and efficiency. By spending more time solving problems and less time searching for their cause, our Medicare Direct module allows your facility and staff to be confident in their claim submission workflow and process.

Medicare Direct claims that are imported into Rycan’s Claim Editor will process through routine edits, just as any other claim would. Not only do Medicare Direct claims have the added feature of being processed through a series of pre-submission eligibility edits, they have several other benefits as well…

- Without Medicare Direct, Billers will have to log into Medicare’s Direct Data Entry (DDE) to look for Return to Provider (RTP) claims. By using Medicare Direct, your staff is able to immediately know which claims are labeled RTP, as they will be included within the Rycan work queue.

- Information collected with Medicare Direct has reporting capabilities that your facility may not otherwise have access to.

- When made aware of claim issues, your staff will be able to efficiently address problems to increase payment turnaround time.

Streamlined Workflow
- Medicare Direct saves time by giving facility managers the ability to easily see which claims are not advancing in DDE. Rycan eliminates the need for your staff to log into DDE and look through each of your facility’s claims.

- Claims that are selected by Medicare for an ‘Additional Development Request’ will appear in the active work queue, simplifying your staff’s workload.

Report Anticipated Medicare Payments
- Through Rycan’s Medicare Direct module, you have the ability to see which claims are set to be paid in Medicare’s system, and the estimated payment amount set by Medicare.

- Rycan’s Payer Analysts will review any RTP messages for potential Medicare Direct pre-submission edits (available for those licensed for Medicare Direct).

The Medicare Direct process fits seamlessly into Rycan’s Claim Submission module’s workflow queues, allowing your staff to easily take advantage of this additional information while working with problematic claims.

Save the date for Rycan's User Forum November 8-9th in Saint Cloud, MN! Stay tuned for more information!

Save the date for Rycan's User Forum November 8-9th in Saint Cloud, MN! Stay tuned for more information!

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