Contract Management

Contract Management

Contract Management

Contract Management

Take control of your contracts and ensure proper payment on every claim.

• Predict payments on claims before they are paid
• Anticipate contractual write-offs and identify payment variances
• Verify every claim was paid correctly
• Model payer contracts to assist with contract negotiations

Hospitals typically face hundreds of payers, each with their own unique and complex payment structure that can make it difficult to keep track of your healthcare facility’s contractual reimbursement. Our solution examines claims before they are submitted and after they are returned, ensuring both accurate payment prediction and validation. Rycan’s Contract Management Module gives your facility the tools it needs to take control of all your payer contracts.

Prospective Pricing: Accurately predict payments and get an instantaneous analysis of your facility’s cash flow. Rycan’s Contract Management Module details expected payments and anticipates contractual write-offs. By pricing 837 claim data before it is submitted and creating reports on your projected reimbursement, Rycan gives your healthcare facility a preview of how your claims will be priced.

Retrospective Pricing: Don’t just perform random, occasional claim audits—automatically validate that your healthcare facility received proper reimbursement on every claim. Our solution audits every one of your facility’s EOBs to ensure you have received the correct payment and identifies any contractual underpayments and overpayments found within our system.

Contract variances are automatically assigned to user work queues, giving your staff a to-do list of contractual overpayments and underpayments that need review. Your staff will have the ability to electronically review the EOB returned by the payer, the submitted claim, and any other related information. We also offer workflow tools, like our appeal wizard that helps users quickly and easily generate appeal letters for contract variances, which improves efficiency and productivity for your healthcare facility’s staff.

Model Contracts: Level the playing field in contract negotiations by comparing past and prospective contracts side by side. Explore the financial impact that new contract terms will have on your healthcare facility, and clearly see pricing differences all in one system. Contract comparisons start at a high-level overview. Users are able to drill into the different payment methodologies of the contract, all the way down to the individual claim detail of each contract. Our modeling tools identify how a proposed contract will affect your facility’s bottom line.

Contract Set-Up: Eliminate the hassle of setting up new contracts by letting Rycan’s support staff do it for you. Our system supports any type of payment methodology and allows for an unlimited number of contracts from an unlimited number of payers to be entered. Your staff will have the opportunity to modify and edit contracts to fit your needs with our user friendly, drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to effortlessly make changes. Our solution renders complex contracts manageable and easy to maintain.

Take control of your healthcare facility’s contracts and ensure proper payment on every claim with the tools available in Rycan’s Contract Management Module. Our system automatically audits and reviews every EOB returned by a payer to make sure your facility received its proper contractual reimbursement. We make it easy to model and compare contracts, so you have the decision-making information you need for contract negotiations. Effortlessly manage your facility’s contracts and ensure proper contractual reimbursement with Rycan’s Contract Management Module.
Identify, track and manage your denied claims in a single system!

Identify, track and manage your denied claims in a single system!

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