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Claim Submission

Claim Submission

Claim Submission

Claim Submission

Effortlessly validate and edit claims to ensure that they are ready for billing.

• Automate the process of loading electronic 837 claim files
• Submit primary, secondary, and tertiary claims in a single system
• Validate uploaded claims and ensure they are ready for billing
• Automatically process problem claims into user work queues for review
• Utilize an interactive claim editing interface for correcting claim errors

Edit, validate, and submit all of your electronic 837 claim files, regardless of payer or sequence, in a single system with Rycan’s Claim Submission Module. Our web-based software automatically loads 837 claim files, validates their billing information and file structure, enriches secondary and tertiary claims with primary payment data, and processes problematic claims into user workflow queues for correction and review. Rycan then helps you edit those problem claims, and verify that they are accurate, correct, and ready for billing.

Automated Uploading: Rycan automatically uploads your claims into our system for validation and review. Our web-based software pulls electronic 837 files from your current system into our Claim Submission Module, ensuring that they were properly completed and to identify problem claims that need to be brought up for manual review.

User Workflow Queue: Problem claims are automatically processed into user work queues, giving your healthcare facility’s staff a prioritized to-do list of claims that need their attention. Users have the ability to search for specific claims and filter the results to easily find any claim within their work queue. Workflow rules can be established to consistently assign specific claims to individual staff, allowing users to become specialized and more efficient from working with similar claims.

Coordination of Benefits: Secondary and tertiary claims are automatically identified within our system, enriched with primary payment data, and organized into a work queue for easy review and submission. By automating the entry of primary payment information onto electronic secondary claims, your healthcare facility will save time and ensure that secondary billing information is accurate and correct. Rycan brings all your billing information together into a single system, providing your healthcare facility with the means to effortlessly submit electronic secondary and tertiary claims.

Interactive Claim Edit Interface: Users are able to edit claims right within their work queue using our interactive claim editing interface. This feature highlights exactly where problems on claims exist and reports error messages to users, identifying what needs to be changed before a claim can be submitted. A count of errors, warnings, and informational messages are displayed at the top of the claim being edited. Users can edit advanced claim fields and service line detail quickly and easily, all within our interactive claim edit interface. After a claim has been edited, our system will once again validate the claim to make sure that all errors have been fixed.

Efficiently manage difficult tasks related to claim submission and the varying requirements of multiple payers with Rycan’s Claim Submission Module. We make it easy to validate and edit claims to ensure they are ready for billing, automate coordination of benefits billing, and guarantee that your healthcare facility will receive proper reimbursement on the first submission.
Our Eligibility Verification module confirms patients’ insurance eligibility to ensure the care you provide will be covered.

Our Eligibility Verification module confirms patients’ insurance eligibility to ensure the care you provide will be covered.

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