Claim Scrubbing and Submission

Claim Scrubbing and Submission

Claim Scrubbing

and Submission

Claim Scrubbing and Submission

Effortlessly validate and edit claims to ensure that they are ready for billing.

• Manage and edit outbound claims within a single robust system
• Claims are run against more than 6 million edits in the 3M Edit Engine
• Facilities have the ability to create their own edits in real-time
• Effortlessly process secondary and tertiary billing in the same system
• Seamlessly create COB with the web-based software
• Automate the process with any payer

Reduce claim-processing time and accelerate payments within a single, robust system with Rycan’s Claim Scrubbing and Submission solution. Your facility will be able to automatically load 837 Claims, validate billing information and file structure, and ensure HIPPA compliance through an unparalleled level of claim validation. When problem claims do crop up, your staff will be able to review and correct errors through interactive UB-04 and CMS-1500 forms. Our partnership with 3M provides customers with the most extensive edit engine available, allowing facilities to easily validate procedure codes, diagnostic codes, local and national coverage determinations, CCI and OCE edits, government and private payer rules, modifiers, and LMRPs. The ability to create additional in-house ad hoc edits assists in putting a stop to repetitive billing errors and claim denials.

The unmatched level of functionality offered by Rycan’s Claim Scrubbing and Submission solution allows you to streamline your secondary and tertiary billing process by seamlessly integrating coordination of benefits information into your submitted claims. By automatically identifying and enriching secondary and tertiary claims with previous payment data, Rycan provides effortless, trouble-free coordination of benefits submission. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Rycan is able to simplify the most difficult tasks related to claim scrubbing and submission. These include automating the process of generating and submitting Medicare Shadow Claims, simplifying electronic and paper attachments, as well as streamlining the paper claim printing process. Through automation, your facility will increase productivity, reduce A/R days, and ensure claim compliance. Rycan’s Claim Scrubbing and Submission works perfectly with Rycan’s Medicare Direct, simplifying submissions through Medicare’s DDE System.

The Rycan Claim Scrubbing and Submission solution works through:

Automated Uploading: Our web-based software pulls electronic 837 files from your current system into our Claim Submission Module, ensuring that they were properly completed and to identify problem claims that need to be brought up for manual review.

User Workflow Queue: Problem claims are automatically processed into user work queues, giving your healthcare facility’s staff a prioritized to-do list of claims that need their attention. Users have the ability to search for specific claims and filter the results to easily find any claim within their work queue.

Coordination of Benefits: Secondary and tertiary claims are automatically identified within our system, enriched with primary payment data, and organized into a work queue for easy review and submission.

Interactive Claim Edit Interface: This feature highlights exactly where problems on claims exist and reports error messages to users, identifying what needs to be changed before a claim can be submitted. A count of errors, warnings, and informational messages are displayed at the top of the claim being edited.

Efficiently manage difficult tasks related to claim submission and the varying requirements of multiple payers with Rycan’s Claim Scrubbing and Submission solution. We make it easy to validate and edit claims to ensure they are ready for billing, automate coordination of benefits billing, and guarantee that your healthcare facility will receive proper reimbursement on the first submission.
Are you truly RAC ready?

Are you truly RAC ready?

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